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In 2012, 35 artists came together to create a yearlong durational performance.


The Odyssey Project was a site specific work that appeared for 12 months in public spaces across New York City.

Using The Hero's Journey as a framework, 12 original works were uniquely tailored to 12 spaces,

from Flushing Meadows Park to Brighton Beach, from the Staten Island Ferry to the secret underground tunnels of Chinatown.


The Odyssey Project was an invitation to ignite stories and community-specific adventures in neighborhoods across the city,

a durational experiment examining time and the millions of hero's journeys every day, in every moment, across this city.


2022 is the 10 year anniversary.


The journey begins again for a yearlong collective, cumulative experience.

10 years ago the focus was public and outward-facing.

This year, we look inside ourselves, centering our examinations alone and together.

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